Why should you buy original art? by T. Miller

Why should you buy original art? By: T. Miller

Spatial Beautification and Aesthetics

The first reason to buy original art, and probably the most common one, is to beautify your living or working space. The display of original art can aesthetically enhance an area and promote certain feelings of well-being. The importance you give to such an artwork can vary. For example, you can display art simply for decorative reasons, as something to match the curtains or the sofa, so that the artwork visually enhances your environment for practical reasons. However, you may also experience a deeper appreciation and affinity for the beauty of an artwork and the way it interacts with a certain space. As a visually pleasing object, it becomes a focus of attention that whenever viewed, reminds you of the good feelings it brings you. Such an object is truly a treasure.

Enhancement of Cultural Experience

Another reason to buy original art is to enhance your experience of culture. Like music, art is a great communicative tool – an aspect of culture that is very uniquely human. It is inspired. It is inspiring. It connects us with the rest of humanity.  Art can also be a great interpretive exercise. What was the intent of the artist? What does it mean? Does it reflect human nature, the state of society?  Does life mimic art or art mimic life? Such art-inspired philosophizing only helps to further enable the transmission of culture.


The third reason to buy original art is that it has value as a unique item. Unlike mass-produced items or copies, original art is one-of-a-kind. There is a certain appeal in owning an original, in knowing that you own the only one in existence. Perhaps, in our mass-produced world, this idea is even more appealing.

Investment Opportunity

Yet another reason to buy original artwork is that it can increase in worth, sometimes astoundingly so. Can you imagine where you would be now if someone in your family bought an original painting from van Gogh during his lifetime? Or perhaps bought something made by Calder? Or Abbott? Or O'Keefe? Or Rothko? Or Klee? Or Escher? Or even Bob Ross? The point is that purchasing original art as an investment is a very real opportunity. The problem is that no one can accurately predict the future worth of an artist's work. The recognition given to living artists can often be arbitrary, and is always subjective. The best thing to do is to simply buy something you really enjoy.

A Great Gift

The final reason to buy an original piece of art is that it makes a fantastic gift. And, it makes a fantastic gift because of all the reasons above! The great thing is that affordable art is always available, especially from emerging artists. There are several resources available online that specialize in selling original art (http://www.studioexhibits.com for example) where you can search for art by price. You can also visit your local galleries or craft fairs and make a memorable experience of purchasing your gift of art.

About the Author

T. Miller is an up-and-coming artist whose work can be viewed at www.tamfineart.com, and whose words can be viewed at http://abstractnotion.wordpress.com.
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Featuring Artist Rodger Drake

Miracle Whip never looked this good!
Artist Roger Drake calls Guerneville home on the beautiful coast of Ca. US. As an artist of many mediums and interest, Drake's works at present seems to be focused on his collection of figurative portraits. Even though he is now using acrylics, he has mastered the translucent quality of watercolor. Today's post, I must admit, is somewhat selfish in nature. Drake's piece titled "MW Jar" of Modern Realism Still Life, is equally as amazing.

It is so deliciously crisp that it is hard to believe it is a painting. I've always strived for loose, fluid painting. But this movement of present day of modern still life paintings not only has me intrigued but memorized, and this painting of an item that many have in their kitchen cupboard is no exception. I love it! Bio: Painting for me is an adventure full of challenges on my path of self realization. Each image is presented as an emotional vision that luminates from my heart. I find an innate beauty in things that are temporal and unaffected. I use my artwork to create a mood and to tell part of a story. The viewer is allowed to expand and weave an interpretive cumulative response. A watercolor artist at heart, I now work entirely with acrylics on canvas.


Featured Artist Michelle Wegler

It is my pleasure to introduce you to pastel artist Michelle Wegler. She draws her inspiration from the beautiful countryside of Minnesota in the USA where she calls home. Michelle masters pastels with an exceptionally soft technique of color combinations that capture the rich beauty around her. You must see Ms. Wegler's collection of "Fresh Snow". 
Bio: Michelle Wegler's paintings have been exhibited locally and regionally. Commissions include calendar illustrations, book covers and portraits. Her paintings have won awards and honors, and are included in private and corporate collections. Ms. Wegler has studied under national and regional pastel artists. She is affiliated with the Pastel Society of America, Lake Country Pastel Society, Grand Marais Art Colony, and Artists of Minnesota.


Informations by Artist Priit Ruttas

Introducing the wonderfully creative genius of Artist Priit Ruttas from London in the United Kingdom. I found myself studying each print, searching and discovering hidden messages that are intertwined in continuous lines of abstract webs. Speaking from a minimalist point of view, my first perception was already pleasantly simplistic. Then It took me a step further and drew me into an enjoyable exploration of meaning and purpose.


Today's spotlight is on Artist Ramon DelRosario

Today's Premium Showcase features Miami based Artist Ramon DelRosario.  You will want to visit his gallery and look at every painting. DelRosario's collection of amazing works are in oil depicting today's Urban life. His subject brings richness to modernism with a style all of his own.  I am at awe at his choice of colors that he uses to create scenarios of life in a big city.  Please see links below for more exciting works from Painter Ramon DelRosario.

Bio: Ramon DelRosario's paintings has been exhibited in group exhibitions throughout New York and Miami, including the Miami International Airport, where Ramon exhibited his best paintings for the Transportation Security Administration. In addition, his work is in private collections in New York. Ramon is the recipient of numerous awards and honors. Ramon was born in Montecristy, Dominican Republic and raised in New York. He received an A.A.S. from Bronx Community College, NY.


What's new at Studio Exhibits, Google Base and TheFind

Studio Exhibits is now automatically feeding all of the listings into Google Base.  As founder of www.studioexhibits.com I felt it was important to spend the extra expense for our site and have my developer take it to the next level of optimizing with Google Base. We want to get your artwork noticed!


Zap! by Victoria Kloch

Victoria Kloch is sharing the spotlight with five of her paintings that includes some from her "Industrial Collection". This post is showing the ultra modern piece called "Zap" with real silver leaf foil and raised dimensional texture.  This is available at http://studioexhibits.com/listing/zap


It's snowing

I know it's nothing earth shaking for those in higher elevations....but, it's snowing in our beautiful Nevada City. For those of us who live here, enjoy!


Thursday's Studio Exhibits T. Miller

This is one of five paintings by T. Miller that is being featured on today's Premium Showcase. Her inspiration of this painting came from the Auberge Ravoux Hotel of a section of the staircase wall, that leads up to the room where Van Gogh died - based on her visit in the summer of 2009. Titled: "Old Wall"  is a medium-sized (18x24) oil painting on hand-stretched canvas; a nice example of blurring the line between representation and abstraction.


Premium Showcase

You too can be in the spotlight with our Premium Showcase.  It is now easy and fun to get yourself noticed!  With a membership at Studio Exhibits, you get your own personal gallery within a powerful networking search engine.  Memberships are just a fraction of what it costs to maintain an individual web site yourself.  visit  www.StudioExhibits.com


Sunday's Premium Showcase artist Mark Juby

Mother and Baby by Mark Juby

Today's featured artist on our "Premium Showcase" are Mark Juby  on www.StudioExhibits.com

You too can be in the spotlight with our Premium Showcase.  It is now easy and fun to get yourself noticed!  5 Paintings per artist, 24 hour homepage presence, with only 11 artists tops!