Running with Scissors

Title: Running with Scissors

Large Size: 36” x 36” x 1.5”

“Running with scissors” is the third composition from my industrial series of modern abstract geometric minimalism paintings. It arouses both sight and touch while challenging the senses with bold high-energy spaces of brightly animated color and riveting metallic textures. Additional point of interest is achieved as the shapes are activated over a striped background with alternated gloss and matte varnished applications. This process of both matte and glossy intensifies the design and a special varnish used on silver leaf to prevent tarnishing.

I used acrylics, acrylic medium for texture, with combination of gold and silver foil leafing to give the observer a unique 3D experience of smooth yet strong presence.

silver leaf foil wraps around the sides

side view of stripes on edges

staged view


in all the right places

Strange maybe, but I love graffiti. This charming tag, which is quite large, can appropriately be found at the back entrance on the wall of the Center of the arts down town Grass Valley.

To my recollection it has been there around 15 years more or less long before it even was the center of the arts. Relieved that no one ever painted over it after all these years. It does dress up the garbage can area nicely don't you think?


works of artist Michael Kvium

Michael Kvium self portrait, Or perhaps aren't they all?

Danish born, modern artist, Michael Kvium (1955)

This is a taste of just a few from the tons of modern works from Michael Kvium. I wish I could tell you more about him. I discovered this artist around 10 years ago. His rich color palette and edgy composition fascinates me. Every written word that I could find about him is in Danish. If you know more about him, do tell.

Thank you for the link Hyldig. Please readers click here if you like to learn more about Kvium in English text.