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Photographer Karl Lanquist

The piece that I choose for this post is titled "Huston…we have lift off".  Lanquist's large selection of vintage car photographs are quite extensive. Anyone of these would make a great gift for the car lover on your list. You can purchase this piece at Karl Lanquist gallery on Painter's Showcase by clicking here.

Bio: Since Karl Lanquist moved to Northern California, he's been doing a lot of photography. Many of his pieces have been featured in galleries in Sacramento, Grass Valley, the coast of Santa Cruz, & Half Moon Bay.  
He gained notoriety with his collection of pin-up style photos of Breast and Ovarian Cancer survivors. Karl was recognized by hundreds of survivors that accredited his photos to bring inspiration to live longer and carry on in life.
Lanquist first job in CA was at a very high end print shop. We printed for Xbox, GE, Kenmore, Slot Machines, Freight liner trucks, Face plates on Fender Guitar amps, Sobe, Coors, Miller, Playstation, just to name a few. Karl was a supervisor for awhile, on a day & night shift. He worked that job for 71/2 years, and enjoyed it. After that job he started my own small business printing T-shirts & stickers. Karl was commissioned to make stickers for world renowned tattoo artist Corry Norris. 
Karl is a artist of many talents and interest. Please visit his gallery here at Painter's Showcase and get a blast from the past. http://www.paintersshowcase/gallery/people-transporters-karl-lanquist 


Work by Colleen Sparlin

It is my pleasure to introduce you to artist Colleen Sparlin. Sparlin is an artist of diversity. As you will see in her gallery here on Painter's Showcase, her interest are watercolor, acyclic and block printing with inks. I'd like to share with you one of her block prints called "Guiding Light". I personally have never attempted this technique and it something I have always wanted to try. I think this piece is wonderfully executed with use of minimal lines and strong structure.  This is available for purchase. Click on http://paintersshowcase.com/listing/guiding-light
Visit Colleen's gallery to see more of her creative works! http://paintersshowcase.com/gallery/colleen-sparlin 
Colleen Sparlin's Bio: I have been involved in the arts most of my life. I grew up in a family of artists. My father was a watercolorist; my mother worked in oils and sculpture. We grew up with art all around us, so naturally all my siblings and I continue our passion for art. Art means more to me than just creating, it is an expression of my thoughts and feelings. The mediums I choose reflect moods and inspiration, whether oils, acrylic, watercolor, printmaking reduction, sculpture, or ceramics. My work ranges in feel from impressionism to realism. The subject matter is as varied as the mediums I use.I have given classes and/or demonstrations at the Hesperia Art Association, High Desert Cultural Arts Foundation, Corona Art Association, and others and I am a member of the Scholastic Key Alliance, the Riverside Art Alliance, the National Art Education Association and I support the arts as a local high school arts teacher.When people view my work I hope they are touched by the beauty of creation and the peace that it holds. I am compelled to create and grow as an artist, it is what I am, my passion. My desire is that you can experience that passion through my art. http://paintersshowcase.com/profile/colleen-sparlin


Painting by Artist Yvette Gaudreau

On any given day you will find Painter Yvette Gaudreau doing what she loves, and that's painting miniatures. Yvette a self taught artist, medium if choice is Acrylic, Oils and Gouche.  She draws inspiration from the beautiful state of Massachusetts in the USA where she calls home. She is actively involved with our Painter's Showcase community and is always there to extend a helping hand. Look for Yvette with her warm personality paired with her talents, she will surely make Painter's Showcase community a wonderful place to be. 

Bio: Art has been a passion for me ever since my childhood but I only became serious about it after having a family. I find that painting has been spiritual journey for me as I have traveled though the unknown of learning. I truly love to paint and paint every day. I  paint in Miniature because of the challenge it gives me, so small and yet so detailed, yet so sort after as collectibles and yet affordable. I also love to paint in larger canvases which is quite a change for me from miniatures. Read more . . . http://paintersshowcase.com/profile/yvette

Title: Peaceful Tranquility
Medium: Acrylic, Canvas 5x7"

To see more paintings from Yvette Gaudreau's at 


Painting by Athena Mantle

Athena Mantle's passion for desert botanicals invite appreciation to a specie of plants that most over look. Her sense of color intrigues the eye with clean color combination's as she masters the light found in the spectrum of the heat of the day.

Bio: Athena works from photographs that she takes of her subjects which she collects in her travels in and out of town as well as her own garden.  She then injects her own splash of enthusiasm into the subject and relays that on the canvas. While oil is her primary medium she also enjoys working with pastel, pencil and watercolor.  “I use the medium that I feel will best create the effect I’m going for,” the artist says, “the ultimate goal for me as an artist is to convey the subject in a realistic but fun and lively way and uplift the viewer.”  Read more . . . http://paintersshowcase.com/profile/athena-mantle

Title: Agave 1
Oil painting 12" x 9" x 2" Oil on panel mounted on raised box

To see more paintings from Athena Mantle at http://paintersshowcase.com/gallery/athena-mantle-fine-art