Work by artist T. Miller

The visual delights of artist T. Miller are being shared here on Painter's Showcase.  We are thrilled to have her as an artist on this community.  Each painting is a song of color with combinations that vividly express how color can have an impact on one's  soul.  
Bio: I am an artist trained formally, versed in the technicalities of drawing and painting. However, I have an inner need to express myself abstractly.
My work is the result of a need to express an essence that is both primal and eternal, and abstract by its very nature. It is an essence with which our subconscious interacts, whether in a state of mental stillness, prayer, or dreams. http://paintersshowcase.com/profile/t-miller
Color is my forte and my primary means of expression. I push boundaries in color relationships, revel in the play of color harmonies, and use color to both defy and define form. In this way, my paintings sometime take on a surreal edge where color itself becomes the subject.  I currently live and exhibit my work in Connecticut, U.S.A. To see T.Miller's Gallery click on http://paintersshowcase.com/gallery/t-millers-gallery