An Hour is a Sea

An Hour is a Sea by Emily Dickinson

An Hour is a Sea
Between a few, and me
With them would Harbor be


Red Wine for Two by Mark Juby

Watercolor color still life by Mark Juby. I love how the light plays with the glass. Mark has captured a rainbow of colours that is not easy to do with this medium. Just lovely! This still life was inspired by the shadows cast across the table in my studio. The sun was low in the sky and viewed from above such wonderful colours were visible. Sadly we had to drink the wine after the picture was done. It measures 12"x 16" approximately and will be supplied mounted to fit a frame with a recess measuring 16" x 20". This would make a beautiful forever gift and is available at http://paintersshowcase.com/listing/red-wine-two


"Oil Painter's Solution Book" Reviewed by Yvette Gaudreau

I bought a great book "Oil Painter's solution Book" (Landscape) by Elizabeth Tolley. It has 223 pages and full illustrations of solutions to landscape painting. It answers over 100 answers about question that a landscape painted has. I refer to this book often and it's the only landscape book that I will ever need.  
_By Yvette Gaudreau 

Thank you Yvette for your contribution. I'm always on the look out for art books.  If any of our readers would like to  give a review about an art related book or DVD that you think is either "worth-while reading" or "don't waste your time reading this book", I will be happy to share.  Just contact me at: studioexhibits@gmail.com



Sculpture by Artist Ione Citrin

Artist Ione Citrin works with multi-mediums of many interest. I'll concentrate on her sculptures on this post. Here you see the bronze sculpture called "Set Free". This piece is one of my favorites, but honestly after saying that there are at least a dozen more. We are thrilled to have Ione on Painter's Showcase, an artist of many talents and wish her much success. 
Bio: Ione Citrin is an avant garde artist whose artistic expression takes fantastic shape through her diverse oil and watercolor paintings, bronze sculptures, found object collages and mixed media assemblages. Her contemporary paintings and sculptures range from abstract to realistic to impressionistic - all visionary interpretations from her imaginative soul. Ione uses only one name but a variety of styles to soothe her wild imagination. A native of Chicago, she is a former television star and commercial voice-over artist. Now she wins awards and sells her creativity through her hands instead of through her larynx. Her art is as original as she is - bold, colorful and highly decorative. If you would like to purchase "Set Free" click on the link below. 
"Set Free" Metalwork sculpture of the maiden Arola.
Please visit her gallery to see more sculptures, paintings and prints all original works.



Painting by Deborah Hill

Artist Deb Hill has dedicated her talents to the world of Fantasy, Surreal, Nature and Landscapes.  I ran across Deb's enchanting style of watercolor and acrylics while browsing through the multitude of artist on Etsy. Her work truly stood out as one of the best. I am thrilled to announce that she has graciously decided to derisive and sell with Painter's Showcase too. The fluidity of her work intrigued me the most as she masters the movement of her subjects, I was pulled under with a magical sense of oceanic splendor. It doesn’t stop there; her imagination broadens to dragons, castles, frogs and fantasy creatures. Hill 's particular love for birds shows through her delightful whimsical works portraying ravens with personalities that put a smile on my face. This painting "Finding Water" is available for purchase. Click on the link below.
Bio: After several years of working in the decorative painting field doing murals and faux finishes I’ve returned to my first love of fine art. I thoroughly enjoy the smaller format and there is very little more refreshing than putting paint down on a beautiful piece of watercolor paper or crisp white canvas. Nature is a constant source of inspiration, birds and trees are a particularly favorite subject. Imaginary places and creatures have always held my interest too and what fun it is to invent my own little world with brush in hand. I find the controlled chaos of watercolor challenging and often after having done a painting in acrylic decide to explore the same subject in watercolor to evoke a different response, or vice versa.  
The art world is an exciting place to be these days, experimentation and crossing the line between disciplines is at an all time peak. Art materials are more versatile than ever before. It’s a delightfully luscious period in the history of art to be alive and painting. Read more . . . http://paintersshowcase.com/profile/debhillart
Title: Finding Water
Size: 30"x40"x1.5"
Medium: Acrylic
To see more paintings from Deborah Hill's at http://paintersshowcase.com/gallery/deborah-hill