Showcased, Artist Carmen Beecher

Realist oil painter, Carmen Beecher takes us to far away places with seascapes, landscapes, still life, portraits. Her vivid colors sets the viewer in a tropical paradise. Painting is her life force as she finds painting therapeutic.

_Carmen Beecher says, “It's hard to imagine life without painting. It's like food for me: I need it on a regular basis. Sometimes a painting just flows naturally; sometimes it aggravates and confounds me. But, no matter, I will paint for as long as I can hold a brush”.

Her passion for painting is expressed timelessly in her classic style and she welcomes commission work.

To find out more about Carmen Beecher and where you can purchase her works go to Camen's Beecher Blog Spot.

Thank you Carmen for sharing your talents.



Showcased artist Carol Schiff

Showcased on today's blog, features artist Carol Schiff. She is an award winning artist who has joined the daily painting movement. Carol has painted, taken workshops and instruction for over 15 years. She paints landscapes, still life, animals, people as well as modern abstracts, whatever draws her into the moment.

There is no limits with this Florida based painter. Her diverse interest leads her to many subjects with one thing in common, an amazing sense of color. Carol masters her pallet with impressionistic combination's that bring free style fluidity to her medium of choice, oils and pastels.

As you can see, the unsurpassed talent of this painter creates light and transparency with thick, luscious paint, vibrant colors and darling brushstrokes. Speaking from an artist point of view, I find Carol Schiff an artist for artist. Though it is obvious she has instinctual talent, she has achieved the skill that inspires the artist in me to reach to a new level.

Below are just a few of Carols still lifes.

To see some of Carols larger works visit Pieces of 8

For purchase information visit Carol Schiff Studio Blog

Carol, thank you!