Featuring Artist Rodger Drake

Miracle Whip never looked this good!
Artist Roger Drake calls Guerneville home on the beautiful coast of Ca. US. As an artist of many mediums and interest, Drake's works at present seems to be focused on his collection of figurative portraits. Even though he is now using acrylics, he has mastered the translucent quality of watercolor. Today's post, I must admit, is somewhat selfish in nature. Drake's piece titled "MW Jar" of Modern Realism Still Life, is equally as amazing.

It is so deliciously crisp that it is hard to believe it is a painting. I've always strived for loose, fluid painting. But this movement of present day of modern still life paintings not only has me intrigued but memorized, and this painting of an item that many have in their kitchen cupboard is no exception. I love it! Bio: Painting for me is an adventure full of challenges on my path of self realization. Each image is presented as an emotional vision that luminates from my heart. I find an innate beauty in things that are temporal and unaffected. I use my artwork to create a mood and to tell part of a story. The viewer is allowed to expand and weave an interpretive cumulative response. A watercolor artist at heart, I now work entirely with acrylics on canvas.