to twitter or not to twitter?

Painting by Michael Kvium

Is it worth our time to tweet? Well now, I've been on Twitter for some time now. I really can't say as of yet what the benefit is as far as a marketing tool goes. Looks like the main focus is to gain a lot of followers. Yes, there is a whole lot of tweeting going on, but actual "responding" to each others post very little. Everyone is too busy throwing words and links out there of their own and don't take the time to reach out to one another.

It appears to me to be only a virtual fix that gratifies the need for exposure.

If one has a twitter account for the sake of making new friends, well I think it's reasonable to say that it's possible. But as far as marketing tool....it's seems un-likely. Perhaps I'm wrong. In this case, I would love to be wrong...I hate to think that I have wasted my time when I could be more productive in other ways.

Let me know...honestly...if you tweet, just what has it done for you?


Saul Steinberg and Eames unite

The Eames duo and Steinberg independently were revolutionary artists that made a strong impact for decades. This classic fiberglass reinforced plastic armchair by Eames in the early 50's, was decorated with a drawing by the spontanous genius Saul Steinberg during his visit to the Eames Office.


artist Kelly Puissegu

_Nurse Eydie, Recycled Skateboard

_Kite flying

_Spin the Bottle

_Crusing Rino

_I Want to Be a Walrus

I wanted to embellish a little on my last post about art brut/outsider art, so I browsed through etsy to see if there were any artist today that had true charm of late artist like Henry Darger (that I am) particularly fond of.

Thus artist Kelly Puissegu!

Blown away by Puissegu work, I would liken it some where between Saul Steinberg and Henry Darger. Yes, Steinberg is another of one my personal favorites. Now I feel that I hit the jack pot with this artist. Puissegu's paintings not only have delightful composition, but her wit and sense of color are a throw-back from the past masters with a style all her own.

See more of Kelly's work (which is not limited to just paintings) at Retrowhale.