artist Kelly Puissegu

_Nurse Eydie, Recycled Skateboard

_Kite flying

_Spin the Bottle

_Crusing Rino

_I Want to Be a Walrus

I wanted to embellish a little on my last post about art brut/outsider art, so I browsed through etsy to see if there were any artist today that had true charm of late artist like Henry Darger (that I am) particularly fond of.

Thus artist Kelly Puissegu!

Blown away by Puissegu work, I would liken it some where between Saul Steinberg and Henry Darger. Yes, Steinberg is another of one my personal favorites. Now I feel that I hit the jack pot with this artist. Puissegu's paintings not only have delightful composition, but her wit and sense of color are a throw-back from the past masters with a style all her own.

See more of Kelly's work (which is not limited to just paintings) at Retrowhale.


GUGAW said...

cute! i like that they are printed on little boards..

sleeping poet said...

Thanks for the follow. I checked out your blog and became a follower right away! Love the name, love Darger, and look forward to more posts. xo


whitemetal said...

wow his work is excellent I love the spin the bottle pair. they are awesome :)

Oh and happy birthday to you too by the way! Bruno thanks you for the birthday wishes :)