to twitter or not to twitter?

Painting by Michael Kvium

Is it worth our time to tweet? Well now, I've been on Twitter for some time now. I really can't say as of yet what the benefit is as far as a marketing tool goes. Looks like the main focus is to gain a lot of followers. Yes, there is a whole lot of tweeting going on, but actual "responding" to each others post very little. Everyone is too busy throwing words and links out there of their own and don't take the time to reach out to one another.

It appears to me to be only a virtual fix that gratifies the need for exposure.

If one has a twitter account for the sake of making new friends, well I think it's reasonable to say that it's possible. But as far as marketing tool....it's seems un-likely. Perhaps I'm wrong. In this case, I would love to be wrong...I hate to think that I have wasted my time when I could be more productive in other ways.

Let me know...honestly...if you tweet, just what has it done for you?


PonderandStitch said...

I have to be the last person on earth who doesn't have a twitter!

Kate8085 said...

I just started, so I can't say either way! But it seems that alot of sellers actually do make it work for them.
I was excited to see people I have already connected with here on Blogger, and having another way to communicate and see what their shops are up to.

libu said...

I've had twitter for a short time and the one thing I like is if I post an item link to my shop I will get increase views..if I cant have sales I at least want views. secondly I like to find artist and organizations that I am really interesed in hearing an update on..that way I learn things and enjoy twitter...the spam factor is annoying.. I thought I would never do it but I'm in it now and dont hate it... gotta go with the flow. good luck with your twitter..

victoria kloch said...

Great input here! I'm starting to get jazzed about tweeting again. :-)

whitemetal said...

I've been wondering this myself. I think It's pretty much because I don't have a twitter account and therefore I have no idea of it's capabilities. I suppose it's worth a try. I hope you benefit from it!

kaslkaos said...

I'm on twitter, at 1st I thought it a vast waste of time, and I agree that it 'followers' does not equal interest. There are a select few I keep in touch with and enjoy getting to know fellow bloggers on a more personal mundane level. As a marketing tool, I have no idea; I just don't have the time to invest in all that link-flinging that seems to be part of it (I'm on dial-up, so that's a handicap too).
Thanks for asking!