Painting by Artist Yvette Gaudreau

On any given day you will find Painter Yvette Gaudreau doing what she loves, and that's painting miniatures. Yvette a self taught artist, medium if choice is Acrylic, Oils and Gouche.  She draws inspiration from the beautiful state of Massachusetts in the USA where she calls home. She is actively involved with our Painter's Showcase community and is always there to extend a helping hand. Look for Yvette with her warm personality paired with her talents, she will surely make Painter's Showcase community a wonderful place to be. 

Bio: Art has been a passion for me ever since my childhood but I only became serious about it after having a family. I find that painting has been spiritual journey for me as I have traveled though the unknown of learning. I truly love to paint and paint every day. I  paint in Miniature because of the challenge it gives me, so small and yet so detailed, yet so sort after as collectibles and yet affordable. I also love to paint in larger canvases which is quite a change for me from miniatures. Read more . . . http://paintersshowcase.com/profile/yvette

Title: Peaceful Tranquility
Medium: Acrylic, Canvas 5x7"

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