What makes us different?

How will becoming a seller on Painter’s Showcase benefit me that differs from other venues? Just one sale can usually pay for the monthly due. 
  • NO hidden fees.
  • NO extra percentages taken from sells.
  • NO listing fees.
  • NO cross-promoting of others in your personal, individual gallery.
  • All sells are directly between you and your buyer. You do not have to wait for us to send you the money from sells. 
  • List or re-list as many times as you like, makes no difference in fees.
  • Have the benefit of google base. 
  • For a small fee, our Painter’s Showcase feature on the homepage is available to every member regardless which package you choose for membership. Schedule the showcase and reserve the spotlight that is best for you.
  • You have the option to diversify yourself and sell on other venues.
  • Newsletter exposure.
  • Personal blogs provided with your gallery.
  • Community blog that the Showcased feature will coincide with a posting of a link to your gallery if you choose to be a featured Showcased artist. 
  • New offerings show large visibility of constantly circulating art work on the homepage that refreshes with each click.
  • Clean streamline homepage that only enhances your artwork without distracting from your offerings.
  • We have in place advertising to target buyers.
  • Community forum for our members. 
  • Buyers do not have to be members to buy.
  • Most importantly, a staff that is here to help!

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