works of artist Michael Kvium

Michael Kvium self portrait, Or perhaps aren't they all?

Danish born, modern artist, Michael Kvium (1955)

This is a taste of just a few from the tons of modern works from Michael Kvium. I wish I could tell you more about him. I discovered this artist around 10 years ago. His rich color palette and edgy composition fascinates me. Every written word that I could find about him is in Danish. If you know more about him, do tell.

Thank you for the link Hyldig. Please readers click here if you like to learn more about Kvium in English text.


GUGAW said...

Ooh I find these quite creepy. I like how the paintings are quite androgynous...

Hyldig said...

Hi there.
I am from Denamrk and am a great Kvium-fan. :-)
Michael Kvium is born 1955. He attended the Copenhagen Academy of Modern Art 1979-85. He is represented by Gallery Fauschou, Copenhagen, read more here:
You can buy original litographs here:
and here:
I am familiar with the prices, if you want to know more.
Best regards

victoria kloch said...

I'm so happy that you took the time to share this information. I will diffidently check out those sites. Many, many thank U's Hyldig!!!!

victoria kloch said...

Me too GUGAW. I thought the same thing when I first saw these. They drew me in and stole my attention for quite sometime.

Anonymous said...

Nice Blog!!

If you like kvium perhaps you would also like swedish artist Jens Hedin and norwegian artist Odd Nedrum!!




victoria kloch said...

Thank you, I will go visit their sites! Thank you for stopping by.