pioneers of mid-century modernism

Barkcloth, mohair couches, and minty cream shampoo. Growing up in the 50's no doubt has influenced my design sense today. OMG...I even remember when plastic cups came out, probably Tupperware. LOVED Melmac. Ok...still do. This book got my mind to thinking about all the cool stuff back then that is now today's trendy.


Pioneers of Mid-Century Modernism

"Eventually everything connects-people, ideas, objects etc., the quality of the connections is the key to quality per se." by Charles Eames

"...everything hangs on something else." by Ray Eames

EAMES by Gloria Koenig

Koenig`s comprehensive title covers all aspects of the husband-and-wife duo`s illustrious career, from the earliest furniture experiments and molded plywood designs to the Case Study Houses to their work for Herman Miller and classic films like Powers of Ten."

In the back of "EAMES" you'll find a time line of accomplishments for both Charles Ormond Eames and Ray Kaiser. I highly recommend this book by Gloria Koenig for points of reference as well as really fun reading.


Annabelle said...

I love, love, love mid-century furniture. My absolute favorite site to get stuff is officedesigns.com, best service and prices by far.

Paint Slingers said...

I'll be sure to check it out. Thanks Annabelle.

loriotndorr::sloriot said...

i recently had a blog about how happy i was to find stamps commemorating them. i revamped my blog and started fresh so the post is gone. great spot. i love their work.

whitemetal said...

Eames were fabulous designers. I read once that they died exactly a year apart from one another on the same day? I may be wrong... They did some awesome work together.

victoria kloch said...

ha yes...you can tell in their photos when together they had a really special connection that is rare. Thank you so much for sharing.