Australian sculptor Ron Mueck

A Girl 2006.

Spooning Couple, Mixed Media. 2005.

Spooning Couple, 2005
(in progress).

I'm fascinated by the works of sculptor Ron Mueck. His pieces draw you in and you want to see more. Eerily life like, thought provoking, and genius. I would be hard pressed to have to pick a favorite. Wondering just how long a typical piece takes to make. To see more click here.

Ron Mueck (born 1958) is an Australian hyper-realist sculptor working in Great Britain.

Mueck is a is a former television and film model maker with no formal art training. Mueck's early career was as a model maker and puppeteer for children's television and films, notably the film Labyrinth for which he also contributed the voice of Ludo, and the Jim Henson series The Storyteller. A great source of information of this amazing artist can be easily found at Ron Mueck - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Angela said...

Wow...that is so incredible!

victoria kloch said...

I think so too. I would love to see this in person.

Brayton Homestead Interiors said...

I agree those are really incredible!!!!

GUGAW said...

oh wow these are brilliant! love that one is big and one is small in size (or is the perspective a trick in the first photo?)

victoria kloch said...

I agree, brilliant! Some of his works are small and some large, and unless there is something else behind it, it's so hard to tell.

A "cheery" disposition said...

amazing... it looks so lifelike.