color spot 005

Close up

In this piece I've used golden yellow, purple, and a hint of fuchsia, on cold press arches watercolor paper.

Title: Color Spot 005
Media: watercolor
Dimensions: 5" x 7"
framed dimensions are 8"x 10"
Date of Work: 2009, signed


Susan said...

Hi Victoria,
Thanks for your kind words. I love your art...so dynamic and the colors are so fresh! Looking forward to following your blog now. Warmest regards,Susan

victoria kloch said...

Nice to see you Susan. And I love your watercolor painting as well. I may switch to other mediums for a time, but I always come back to watercolors.

loriotndorr::sloriot said...

this one is my fav that you've posted in the watercolor spot series, really like the color combo and movement :)