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The Canyon Suite of Georgia O'Keefe

Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art & Design . Dana Self . Universe

This is a gem of a book. For all of the Georgia O'keefe fans, I highly suggest this little treasure.

Until very recently, an extraordinary and important series of Georgia O'Keefe's paintings was unknown even to her most ardent admirers. Rediscovered in 1987, the twenty-eight watercolors, now known as the Canyon Suite, shed light on a seminal period of the artist's life and early career.

In addition to being a turning point in O'Keefe's painting style, these watercolors are also among the first abstract works of any American artist. They are at once a stirring vision of the light, landscape, and scale of the plains of the Southwest and an intimate emotional tableau - in turns majestic and hauntingly vast. Accompanying these paintings are excerpts from the writings of such authors and artists as Wassily Kandinsky and Arthur Wesley Dow

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