Maxfield Parrish at the Crocker Art Museum

Fantasies and Fairy-Tales: Maxfield Parrish and the Art of the Print

Exhibit runs May 8 – July 19, 2009

Though recent scholarship has paid increased attention to Maxfield Parrish’s career as a fine artist, the immense popularity of his work during the early 20th century rested on his appeal as a commercial artist.

In many cases, Parrish’s original paintings were a direct result of his commercial enterprises. Before abandoning figurative work in the 1950s, Parrish undertook hundreds of commissions for book illustrations, magazine covers, advertisements and lithographs that reveal both his sense of humor and his eye for graphic design.

"The End" is one of my favorites! I actually purchased this one from an antique store back in the 80's.

This exhibition presents a comprehensive sampling of Parrish’s printed works, offering insight into the multifaceted relationship between the worlds of commercial and fine art. Here's the link for more information.

If you can make it to Sacramento, this is a rare chance to see the amazing works of Maxfield Parrish. I plan on going in July, and I'll let you know more then.


Brayton Homestead Interiors said...

wonderful pictures! wow you purchased one!! would love to see the exhibit!!thanks

victoria kloch said...

I'm really looking forward to seeing this exhibit with so many of his works all in one place.

loriotndorr::sloriot said...

super...wish i were closer!