true love never dies

EBSQ Winner Award

Title: True love never dies

Media: Photography
Dimensions: 14" x 16"
Date of Work: 2005

Model: My daughter
Tattoos by tattoo artist Cory Norris
Photograph by Victoria Kloch

I needed to come up with something special for my sister's December birthday.

She loves tattoos,

nude portraits,

her birth flower a Poinsettia,

and she loves her niece.

Every tat has a meaning. The heart and dagger depicts true love never dies. This particular style would be considered "Sailor Jerry" old school.

Now that I look back on that cold day in December when we had the photo shoot. My daughter was a really good sport about putting up with the brisk weather and ME.


Kate8085 said...

Traditional tattoos are the greatest!
Nice photo!

victoria kloch said...

Thanks! me too.

LillyShayStyle said...

Your daughter did a good modeling job, I wouldn't have sat outside in Dec even with my shirt on! :)

victoria kloch said...

LOL...me too.