Showcased artist Lisa Duffy

Puddin Cup Print - From Original Drawing

Sleeping sweetie - Original baby pencil drawing

Los Angeles Ca. Artist Lisa Duffy, spends a great deal of time in the right side of her brain dancing to colors and sounds. Lisa says "I delight in the beauty that I see, and is inherent in the things around me".

Lisa started out drawing these sweet babies as a way to raise the money to get her shop started. She soon found that she fell in love with the innocence of these tiny replications of ourselves when she got lost in their beauty and wanted to give them a voice. To purchase these little treasures, visit her at Monkey Knees and watch as her shop grows.

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victoria kloch said...

These are so sweet. I can tell that Lisa put a lot of time into each drawing. Thank you Lisa for your contribution to this blog. Can't wait to see more!